About the Brand

That is the small mantra that we are trying to operate by. 

For us starting a business was a way to give or work towards things that we cared about. Right now that is mental health, and the planets health.

So then we started Bandwagon clothing in our garage in Newcastle, and launched our first collection during a global pandemic.

Our clothing reflects our values. Our goods are made exclusively from certified organic or recycled materials, from partners who are audited and members of the Fairwear Foundation, to ensure that their workers are being paid a living wage, and treated fairly, like all humans should.

We are also donating 5% of all sales to Headspace, an organisation that helps people, particularly young people deal with and learn about mental health issues. It's a small way for us to help an issue that is often overlooked.

This a clothing line we are proud of, passionate about and excited to share with everybody.


 Fresh mind, fresh planet, and fresh clothing. 

 From the boys,

Harry van Dartel

Thomas Cronan